Michelle Phan is a Vietnamese-American makeup artist, entrepreneur, voice actress and a popular YouTuber who was born on April 11, 1987.

Did Michelle Phan get married?

No, Michelle is not yet married. She is however in a romantic relationship with Swiss model Dominique Capraro. The two has been dating since 2010 and were recently rumored to have been engaged. The rumors were never confirmed.

Michelle Phan Boyfriend

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Michelle Phan met his Dominique Capraro in 2008 in Paris France and started dating him two years later. The couple tried a long distance relationship but Dominique moved to Los Angeles to be with her.

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Michelle Phan And Promise Phan

Promise Phan is Michelle’s sister-in-law who is also a beauty YouTuber. The two have had collaborations with each other on each other’s channels throughout the years until Michelle disappeared from YouTube in 2015.

Michelle Phan YouTube

Michelle Phan had been active on YouTube for over ten years during which she posted 385 videos, gaining over a billion views. She was arguably YouTube’s biggest beauty star. She, however, disappeared abruptly in 2015. With her Twitter, Instagram, and video channels silent, everyone thought she was dead until June 2017 when she posted a video explaining why she disappeared.

According to her, she took a break due to legal troubles and issues with her self-image. She, however, mentioned that she will return when she is inspired. In the video description, she wrote, “I’ll return when I’m inspired to share new ideas.”

Michelle Phan Instagram

Michelle is active on Instagram with a verified account “michellephan”. At the time of our checks she had 2,186 posts, 2 million followers and 1,542 following.

Michelle Phan Hair And Eye Color

Hair color: Blonde

Eye color: Brown

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