Veteran actor Taiwo Hassan Ogogo, a devoted Muslim, a trait that he verily shows in the movies he featured in is married to two wives. Despite his strong Islamic background, Ogogo’s first wife, Ajoke Taiwo, is a Christian.

He was married to his first wife for over a decade before marrying another woman.

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Taiwo Hassan Ogogo’s second wife is identified as Taibat Taiwo.

Taibat Taiwo

Taibat Taiwo is much younger and practices the same religion with her husband, unlike her rival. She is a devoted Muslim whom the actor married some years back.

Upon her marriage to Ogogo, she gave birth to two sons for her husband. They are identified as Khalid Ayinde and Fuad Alade Taiwo.

Taibat Taiwo and her sons

Despite being the latest wife in the home, the young lady is said to always accord the older wife much respect and both women have lived together in peace and love.

Agogo’s wives
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