Enisa Nikaj, an American Singer, has applauded Nigerians for giving her a happy mood, following her collaboration with Davido.

Enisa Nikaj

On her Twitter page, she indicated that some fans of Davido, have come into her DM with their messages. According to her, she has seen those messages and replies but she is amazed at how funny they are.

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Their funny replies made her day as she appreciated them for not taking everything seriously to make peace. The beautiful singer explained that she would try as much as she can, to reply to the tweet of Davido’s fans.


Nigerians love to use Twitter a lot and they arenow considered the Gurus of the app. Celebrities and some politicians are being trolled on Twitter when an issue arises.


They love to discuss their public issues on Twitter which gives them massive trends. They are jovial and give funny replies to occurrences on social media.

In a tweet she said:

“I be reading your tweets/replies @ me & I swear you guys have me dead, you guys are really funny, I like that. I like how not everything has to be so serious”

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