Multiple award-winning singer, Wizkid, has disclosed that, he has lost some relationships because of his forth coming “Made In Lagos” album.

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In an interview with D boy Dayo and Marsour Bellow, the singer shared that, though he feels bad about it, he had to turn down some collaborations due to the kind of vibe and feel he wanted for this album.

He stressed that, though the artists were dope, he had to go with what felt right for this album. Adding that, it was nothing personal ‘it’s just music’.

I was just making music… whatever feels great, I put it on the body of work“, he explained.

On why, a ‘Made in Lagos’ album, he explained that, Lagos is where he comes from, represent, breath, and he loves it. So, he decided to tell the world about where he’s coming from and all the amazing things and people from there, via his music.

Wizkid shared that, the album body of work has been three years coming and he’s very excited, he’s finally going to put it out for the fans to consume.

Watch full interview below….

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