Wiz Khalifa is opening a restaurant and he says, despite the marijuana-inspired menu for the upcoming delivery-only restaurant chain, you don’t necessarily have to light up to ‘bite down on this food’.

According to TMZ, they asked the rapper the ‘hard-hitting question about his new restaurant venture, “HotBox by Wiz” — namely, is it a stoners only establishment??’.

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‘HotBox’ which is definitely catering to the cannabis crowd, is said to have a “top-shelf munchie menu” featuring burnt ends re-branded as “blazed ends” and a “mile-high dark chocolate brownie.”

However, the site reported that, Wiz said ‘you don’t have to smoke weed to place an order — it’s for everyone, whether you’re stone-cold sober or blazed outta your mind. There is one requirement though … ya just gotta be hungry’.

The virtual restaurant venture is scheduled to start delivering Oct. 1 in Chicago, Houston, L.A. and New York City.

‘Wiz tells us what he’s looking forward to ordering. Safe bet he’ll blaze up beforehand … but no peer pressure for the rest of you!’, the site wrote.

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