It is perplexing to see some people act unbothered when serious issues are going on in the country at the moment.

Several millions are protesting and others are losing their lives for the country.

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However, billionaire wife Regina Daniels has been seen chilling with friends as if she does not care about what is happening.

We know she has posted comments on Instagram showing support. However, it is not enough and creates an impression of insensitivity at a time when people are losing their lives. Can her party not wait?

We agree with Wizkid, who has said that this is a key moment for Nigerian youths. As a result, it is important for celebrities to tone down their chillings.

We know she is a billionaire and can do whatever she wants. However, we are begging her to not appear indifferent to the pleas of Nigerians. There is all the time afterwards for her to do whatever she wants.

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