What started as a friendship soon blossomed into a magical fairytale. However, this will soon be thwarted by shades of heartbreak and jealousy.

For Nigerian lovebirds, Genevieve Nnaji and D’Banj, this was the harsh reality they had to confront by the end of the late 2010s.

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We know there are those who still think the relationship between the pair was merely a hoax. However, the two actually dated, a relationship that was carefully guarded away from the media. We speculate that it lasted about three years before they each went their separate ways.

Following D’Banj’s successes in the early 2010s, Genevieve must have felt some insecurities. This is because the two suddenly went their separate ways. Media reports suggest D’Banj actually cheated on Genevieve with one of her friends. This made Genevieve end the relationship.

After a brief spell with Ghana’s Nadia Buari, the late reconciliation the two had in 2012 was suddenly ended – for good! Typical, isn’t it?

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