UNILAG Student Portal

UNILAG Student Portal is the official webpage for students of The University of Lagos widely called UNILAG. It is the UNILAG portal that host students of the University of Lagos database.

The UNILAG student portal allows students to check their academic information, be it; End of Semester exams score, admission, and transcript.

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How  Student Transcript

Step 1: Login to the student portal (http://studentportal.unilag.edu.ng)
Step 2: Click the “Student Academic Transcript” under Results menu.
Step 3: Provide your recent email address and specify the programme you wish to apply for and submit.

How do I recover my UNILAG student portal password?

  1. Log on to the retrieve mail site. …
  2. You should then enter the matriculation number, and click on retrieve E-mail.
  3. At the ‘Do you want to reset password’ tab, click YES to proceed.

How do I log into my UNILAG student email?

Therefore, all undergraduate students are requested to activate their individual e-mail address by following the under-listed steps:

  1. Type portal.office.com in the URL.
  2. Input the Username/UPN.
  3. Input the password given and click sign in password is Unilag with last 5digits of students’ matric number e.g Unilag00456.


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