With all the many beautiful women around him who would have thought Don Jazzy will still remain single till date.

Don Jazzy

He recently celebrated his 38th birthday and he is yet to call a woman a wife. According to one actor Uche Maduagwu, he used to pray for him to marry some time ago but he has since quit those prayers when he came to the realisation that him being single is self-made and not anything spiritual.

He drew Rihanna into the picture as being one of the main reason Don Jazzy is finding it hard to marry. He added, having listened to the American musician for several years has gotten him to fantasize about her to the extent that he might even have boxers with her name on it.

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According to Uche Maduagwu, Don Jazzy’s love for Rihanna is so high that he wants to plead with the chief (Igwe) of the village to honour his philanthropic work with the title of Rihanna. Uche Maduagwu jokingly revealed this when he wished his friend Don Jazzy a happy 38th birthday. He said as quoted:

”Donjazzy is destined to #marry at 40 and God will give him a #wife like #erica with the #heart of rihanna honestly, i stopped praying for #donjazzy to marry when i realised his being single is not spiritual but man made because he over listened to rihanna #songs and now dreams about marrying her ten times a month i wont be surprised if he wear boxers with rihanna #pictures because even his village elders are thinking of begging the igwe to give him a #rihanna ozo chieftancy title for his philanthropic works in his village sorry baba this came late happy birthday sir may your rihanna agbo never finish.?”

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