Uche Maduagwu, Popular Nigerian Actor has broken silence on how he was raped by his fellow actor who is involved in homosexualism in the Nigerian movie industry.

According to him, these dirty games are ongoing in the industry and need to be well checked.

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He added that, the gays in the industry are those in the higher positions hence use that opportunity to molest the up and coming actors in the industry which is worrisome.

To not spark any controversies, he left the name of the actor who raped him unmentioned but left advise for the upcoming actors to be mindful of the places they are being assigned to for the movie and the foods and drinks given to them.

“Honestly, anytime I remember how I was molested and raped by a male actor on my first movie location in Lagos, I cry bitterly. Homosexuality is gradually swallowing Nollywood, it’s hard to see a producer, director, or big actor that is not molesting another male actor especially if you are cute and good looking, my advice to young and upcoming male actors is this, be mindful of location food and drinks, your butt might pay heavily for it at night in your hotel room.” he said

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