Trump in trouble for sharing tweet naming alleged whistleblower

US President Donald Trump is facing staunch criticism for retweeting a post that included the alleged name of the whistleblower whose complaint led to the president’s impeachment.

Mr Trump shared a post from a user named @surfermom77, who described themselves as a “100% Trump supporter”.

The retweet seemed to disappear from the president’s timeline for a period but was visible again later.

Mr Trump has repeatedly called for the whistleblower to be identified.

In November, lawyers for the whistleblower – who is said to work in the US intelligence community – issued a cease-and-desist warning to the president, saying their client was “in physical danger”. But the president ignored the warning and continued to call for them to be named.

The US has federal laws that guarantee the protection of whistleblowers, designed to shield those who come forward with evidence of wrongdoing by the government.