Top Five Richest In Tanzania

The East African country has one of the largest economies on the continent. With a thriving private and agricultural sector, Tanzania can be mentioned when speaking of the richest people on the continent of Africa. Here are the top five richest in Tanzania and their net worth.

Top Five Richest In Tanzania

Mohammed Dewji- $1.9 billion

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Mohammed is the CEO of Mohammed Enterprise Tanzania Limited. At age 46, he is recognised as the youngest billionaire in Africa. He owns 75% shares of the company, founded by his father. Dewji also owns many government-oriented manufacturing plants such as edible oils and textile industries.

Rostam Aziz – $1 billion

Rostam Aziz is a businessman, economist and politician. Azizi has invested in telecommunications (owned about 18% of Vodacom Tanzania according to Forbes but later sold 17%), real estate (Dubai and Oman), mining, and many other sectors. Aziz owns Caspian mining, a contract mining firm.

Said Salim Bakhresa- $5.5million

Said is the founder of Bakhresa Group. This group has other well-recognised companies under its umbrella. He also launched Azam TV, a pay per view platform in East Africa and is active In food processing, sea freight business, petroleum, investments.

Reginald Mengi -$5million


A media mogul, owning one of the largest media firms in Africa. His company, IPP Media Group, has several investments. They include a radio station, television channels, newspaper outlets, and internet properties. His company does not only have investments in media but also participates in gold, uranium, copper, chrome and coal mining.

Ally Awadh – $2.3million

Ally Awadh established Lake Oil Group in 2006. The company has grown into one of the fastest-growing energy trading and transportation conglomerates in East and Central Africa.

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