Ime Bishop Umoh was born on 15 July 1981 in Nsit Ibom, Southern Nigeria. He lived the earlier parts of his life in the Southern part of Nigeria.

Ime Bishop responds to the name Okon, which is a highly recognized name in Nigerian Showbiz. Lets us check out some facts about Okon.

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  1. He obtained his primary and secondary education certificates in the South. He as well obtained a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from the University of Uyo in the South.

2.Ime Bishop grew in the showbiz scenes later- to be widely known as Okon. Many have attributed this new identity to his role in the movie ‘Okon Lagos which brought him into the limelight.

3. Did you know that he met his wife at a wedding he emceed? She was a bridesmaid apparently. Upon countless proposal rejections, Okon finally hit the jackpot. Check out the results below

4. Okon has an ambassadorial deal with multi-million communication company GLOBACOM Nigeria

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