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Pandemic in the park?

A massive rave took place at Prospect Park in Brooklyn on Sunday — with carefree revelers ignoring social distancing guidelines as the city recovers from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Over 1,500 people — most without masks — attended the party billed as Litnic 2 and danced into the early hours of Monday morning, according to footage circulating on social media.

Party organizer Kyle Rhodes told the Post that the event was planned “to give back to the people and provide a safe place for young adults to gather and socialize.”

Free food was offered and guests bought their own liquor.

“Not one shooting or stabbing,” Rhodes added.

Crowds of hundreds could be seen at the unauthorized party in the park, grooving to beats spun by a DJ behind a turntable — while eating and drinking under the night sky filled with fireworks.

“Could pls someone explain why crowds with live music, djs and carnival parties are allowed at #ProspectPark? This was yesterday night. Sunday Aug 9th,” Patrícia Vasconcellos wrote in a tweet.

An Instagram post listed the location, date, and time of the Litnic 20 which resulted in “a lot” of out-of-towers showing up in Brooklyn.

“Someone told me they came from Texas,” said a surprised Rhodes — who expressed concern about guests contracting COVID-19.

Prospect Park party

Footage also emerged on social media on Monday of the trash the partyers left behind at Prospect Park — which included liquor bottles, food scraps, plastic cups and bed sheets – upsetting many Brooklyn residents.

One rave attendee defended the gathering and cleanup in the park on Twitter.

“Lol we went back to the park at 9am to clean. After staying and cleaning at 1am. Obviously 6 organizers cant clean up after ‘2000’ ppl in the dark. Yall really need any reason to say something negative. See yall next year though ❤tweeted user WavyBabyRese.

When asked about the garbage in the park, Rhodes replied, “I do feel bad about the mess left behind and I’m looking into a way to prevent that.”

The litter was removed later in the day. The city Park’s Department did not respond to the Post’s request for comment.

Another illegal rave took place under the Kosciuszko Bridge in Brooklyn earlier in the month, as bars and clubs remain on lockdown from the coronavirus.

Source: New York Post

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