Local starlet Mira Filzah officially tied the knot with her beau Wan Emir Astar last Thursday (3rd September).

The duo have been keeping their relationship private. But ever since the news surrounding the newlyweds came to light, there has been quite the buzz surrounding their romance.

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Source: Gulapop

The story also caught the attention of an internet user, Reen Anwar, who praised Wan Emir for his effort in winning the heart of his leading lady after numerous unsuccessful attempts. The Facebook post reads, “Best man wins (referring to Wan Emir). A lesson for all the men out there; if you like a girl, don’t be afraid to take the first step.”

“Even if you want to flirt, you must be smart with words. Don’t just depend on using pickup lines, that is gross. In this case, most girls want to see effort and determination. They don’t really focus on looks, physical appearance, or even money. What’s the point of having a hunky physique when the person is a coward?” the netizen added in the post.

Mira Filzah
Source: Instagram

She continued, “Women will fall for men who are serious in winning their heart without showing signs of giving up. Always ask for updates, being there throughout the ups and downs, providing moral support, and prioritise her happiness. All these things can make her love you even more, even if she wasn’t really keen on pursuing the relationship in the first place.”

Reen also revealed that women have their own ego too. According to her, “If they are serious, they won’t give up easily. So don’t be surprised when pretty girls often end up marrying guys like Emir. Like I said, ‘Best man wins,’ You must be smart in tackling someone’s heart. Same goes for business matters as well. Whoever is good at seizing the opportunity is the one who wins.”

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