Tanita Strahan Biography: Net Worth, Age, Mother And Twins

Tanita Strahan is professionally a visual artist. Tanita Strahan is mostly known as the daughter of football player Michael Strahan.


Tanita Strahan (Photo: Tanita’s Instagram handle)

Tanita Strahan is one of the top visual artists In Germany. She was born on 10th of November,1991. She is popularly known as the first and eldest daughter of Micheal Strahan, being a former professional football player for the National Football league in New York and now an American Television host. She was born to Micheal Strahan and his wife Wanda Hutchin.

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Tanita has four other siblings” Micheal, Dorian, Sophia and Isabella,and she is the eldest among them. In respect to her siblings, she only has two blood brothers and they are Michael Jr and Dorian. While Sophia and Isabella were her half-sisters, her step mum’s children obviously Sophia and Isabella are twins.

Tanita graduated high school from her hometown Houston. Later she moved to LA and joined the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. She received a degree in Associate of Arts- AA, Design and Visual Communication.

Tanita Strahan Net Worth

Tanita Strahan is self-employed. She works as a visual artist, and the average income of a visual artist is $46,379, so we consider that she also earns the same amount of money form her visual art.

Her inherits from her father Micheal Strahan in addition to what she earns from her visual Art career Tanita’s estimated Net Worth is around $ 390k.


Tanita Strahan celebrates her birthday on November 10, 1991 which means she is 29 years old.

Mother and Twins

Isabella and Sophia Strahan with father Michael Strahan (Photo: Dailymail)

Tanita Strahan’s mother Wanda Nicole Hutchins was born in the year 1973. Her exact day and month of birth hard not been confirmed yet. She is popularly known to be the ex-wife of a Former popular NFL player by name Micheal Strahan. Michael Strahan had twin girls from his second marriage with Jean Muggli and they are Isabella and Sophia Strahan.

They were born in 2004, making them 15 years old. They are Tanita and Michael Jr.’s half-sisters.

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