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Habida [Photo: Instagram]

Kenyan singer, songwriter and entrepreneur Habida Maloney is 39. Celebrating the milestone on August 13, the ‘My Reason’ chanteuse shared nuggets from her life that she said have defined her career, relationships and business.

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Opening up to her fans in a video via her Instagram account, Habida said she is at a defining moment where courtesy of a lot of introspection, noted that she comes of age and resolved to sieve what she finds critical to lead a balanced, fulfilling and engaging life.

“I just want to empower anybody who will listen, if I’m even making a change to one person, that, is enough for me. I’m just coming on here to give you a tidbit about how I feel; that life can be different for everybody. You don’t have to accept the things that you’re telling yourself, the things that people have told you, or the things that have happened to you,” narrated Habida. Of importance, said the singer, is one understanding the variable of control.

“I’ll say this, I want to change all the crazy things that I do. One, self-sabotage, two – I doubt myself a lot, and even how I talk. A lot of times we talk so much about the negative things that we do or feel about ourselves. When do you wake up and say I am tired and take control? How many people are waiting for someone to come and save them?” She posed. “I was just having a conversation today with a friend of mine about how a lot of us just wait. We are waiting for somebody to come and do the thing that we need done. You know, ‘Oh man I just need somebody to give me that one record deal’ -I can just speak for myself – ‘or a big break that I need to be successful’. Like, why are we doing that? Just do what you can.”

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The singer pointed out that success doesn’t come easy and expressed how her low moments emboldened her. “Change your mindset and say I’m going to take control. I think when you look at people who are successful; if you hear their stories, it’s crazy how much they gave up to be successful. I’m grateful for the successes that I’ve had. I’m 39 today. I’m grateful for the downtimes because it taught me how to be resilient. Coronavirus is, I think, one of the toughest mentally to handle but not the toughest thing I’ve handled,” she went on.

The songbird highlighted that she is looking forward to the magical 40 and marching towards it with optimism. “I woke up this morning and decided at 39, I am not going to get up, go into 40 doing the same stuff that; I’ve done, some of the things that have happened to me in my life – all the rejection that I have gotten from my skin tone for my, whatever it is, you know, hate or the things that have been said or done. That, kind of, pull you down as a person and can be really devastating. I had to deal with a lot of that, even from high school and primary school. And I’ve had to get over that stuff, because that stuff walks with you. But I am not doing that no more,” said Habida.

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