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This has been stated by at least two survivors, Courtney Wild and Virginia Giuffre. In Episode 1 Wild says that, “There were times when I brought two or three girls in a day.” Epstein would pay his victims $200 after he raped them. He also offered $200 as a finder’s fee for these girls to bring other victims. Many of these underage children took this deal, wanting to make money without enduring Epstein’s abuse alone. This arrangement led to Wild personally bringing an estimated 30 underage girls to Jeffrey Epstein.

“He groomed me to be exactly what he wanted me to be — a personal sex slave that brought him underage girls,” Wild says.

Virginia Giuffre, who was taken to Epstein’s private island Little Saint James, echoed Wild’s point. “The recruitment process was never-ending,” Giuffre says. It wasn’t uncommon for Epstein to request a different victim three times a day. That’s how these horrifying numbers added up.

Source: New York Post

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