Some Nigerians are using social media to have a good time on the alleged break-up of the marriage between Nollywood actress Stella Damasus and movie producer Daniel Ademinokan.

Daniel Ademinokan’s former wife Doris Simeon who was previously the laughing stock, because of the way fans believed Stella Damasus wrongly ‘snatched’ him from her, is currently the one who might be having the best time of her life.

Information that has reached us so far suggests Stella Damasus and her husband Daniel are living in different states in the United States of America amidst rumours of divorce.

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Fans had these kind words to tell Doris Simeon on her social media handle.

One Rosemary wrote “Our people say, the broom that was used for the first wife is waiting for the second wife.”

One Ngozi wrote “God has fought your battle Doris; he has scattered the camp of your enemies”

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