The Small Businesses Department has disclosed that it is currently working together with Clicks amidst the racist ad saga against Clicks.

The department says it is ensuring that the company sells similar products produced locally and avoids that of TREsemme.

This comes after the Minister for Small Businesses, Khumbudzo Ntshavheni called on health and beauty retailers to get rid of TREsemme products from its shelves.

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Clicks have heeded to the caution and invited them to be a partner to help achieve it.

Ntshavheni said a meeting has been organized to deliberate on the means to get South African businesses involved.

“We will identify or give them access to the ones that we have been working within that industry to say these are ready for the market and these are upcoming and we can work on a journey with them,” she said.

EFF protests against the racist ad published by Clicks led to over 400 Clicks stores to shut down.




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