Williams Uchemba has had his reputation redeemed after a hustling self-acclaimed brand influencer dragged him to the mud for calling him a yahoo boy and an ex-boyfriend.

William Uchemba and Wife

The Nollywood actor after few days of having his glamourous wedding received a shocking revelation from one Facebook user, Kween Chizzy Sylva, who claimed she never regretted dumping him because he is a yahoo boy and a trickster.

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Williams Uchemab

Kween Chizzy Sylva went further to say, Williams Uchemba is a trickster which is his calling. She said the newly wedded man used the wedding to deceived his wife, Brunella Oscar, and that shortly his real image will be revealed to the wife and the general public.

The sullied talker, Kween Chizzy Sylva, has made a u-turn denying the allegation that she called the actor a yahoo boy. She failed to admit her wrongdoing instead blamed bloggers. She now claims Williams Uchemba is her role model.

See what she wrote;

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