Sandy Corzine Biography; First Wife, Age And Relationship With Sharon Case

Sandy Corzine is a Caucasian businessman, who was born on an unspecified date in an unidentified part of the USA. His age has not been a public record for unknown reasons; unlike his former wife, Sharon who is 49 years old now.

Sandy Corzine’s First Wife

Sandy Corzine tied the knot with multiple award-winning actress, Sharon on 20th April 2007 in Mexico. The newly wedded couple were soaring as a perfect couple over the years. They had a low-key ceremony in Mexican style and did not even invite their family or close friends. When they went back to the U.S., they thought to have a reception with their friends and family but didn’t celebrate it due to their excellent relationship. After two and a half years, their perfect relationship started to gain a bitter taste, and the retired couple dissolved their marriage in November 2009.

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– MAY 24: (L-R) Guest, Nancy Corzine and Sandy Corzine attend The Opening of Nancy Corzine Southhampton at South Hampton on May 24, 2008. (Photo by Adriel Reboh/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)


Initially, the businessman’s ex-wife tried to conceal the subject of their termination of marriage as she was not ready to talk about it. However, most of the people barged the questions of her divorce with Sandy, and the actress felt, to be honest towards addressing her ’emotional and heartbreaking’ decision.

A year after their divorce, the General Hospital actress found the right time and ranted that she still loves and adores Sandy



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