Rihanna was captured by paprazzi over the weekend whiles making a quick stop in L.A, looking bruised and battered. But according to reports, her bruises were not from physical assault whatsoever. She is rather the latest victim of electric scooter.

Celebrity news site Backgrid reported that, the ‘Umbrella’ singer ‘rolled up to Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica Friday night, where she was trying to lay low in her Escalade while some staffers brought out food and drinks to her curbside. At one point, she removed her sunglasses … and paps captured her looking the worse for wear — a black eye and some swelling in her face’.

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Rihanna suffered injuries from an electric scooter /Backgrid

Several media outlets posted the photos and suggested she’d been in some sort of physical altercation but that was not the case. ‘Her rep says she was on an e-scooter a few days ago and ate it after the scooter flipped over, smacking her in the face and forehead’.

The report say they are told it looks worse than it is but she’s healing.

Apparently, TV personality, Simon Cowell is also recovering from a broken back on an e-bike, and now Rihanna’s recovering from same. Countless others are also reported to have also suffered mild to severe injuries from it. Clearly, these things are super dangerous.

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