Richest Province In South Africa

Gauteng Province is undoubtedly the richest province in South Africa. It is the epicentre when it comes to the province that holds the chunk of the South African economy.

To attest to the fact that it is the most economically rich province in the whole of the country most citizens move to Gauteng Province in order to look for jobs and other better conditions of life.

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These movements for economic reasons has caused the population of the province to swell over the years. It is also the province with the highest population.

Credit: Mary Alexander, 2017 South African Population Stats

According to statistics published by International Monetary Fund IMF of all the provinces in South Africa and their contribution to the economy, Gauteng Province is the richest when you look at their total contribution to the national cake.

Here is a graph gleaned from a publication from the International Monetary Fund which depicts the various contributions from all the provinces in South Africa and how they all stood.

International Monetary Stats in South Africa Provinces

The graph showed there is a wide gap between wealth distribution in South Africa’s 9 provinces. It revealed Gauteng Province which has big cities like Johannesburg and Pretoria is almost three times the size of a province like Limpopo in economic terms.

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