Richest DJs In Uganda

Uganda is amongst the African countries that have seen massive growth in the entertainment industry from time to time. The competition is not only centred on the artistes but also the Disc Jockeys. To build a united force to face the competition, some have opted to be in groups. These include the Platinum Djs, DJ Roger And DJ Slick Stuart, Ultimate Djs and the House of DJs.

The DJs are good at the specific genre of music and looking at the trend of the music industry today and of course, over the years and years to come, the input the DJs have put in their craft has made it easy for us to rank to five richest DJs in Uganda currently.

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Below are the top five richest DJs in Uganda presented in ascending order.

DJ Shiru

DJ Shiru

DJ Shiru is a top Uganda disc jockey who has played many international shows and collaborated with top artistes. He is the brother of veteran DJ, Rota. DJ Shiru is known for his work of producing up and coming artistes. He is the most famous DJ in Uganda. DJ Shiru net worth is estimated at $600,000.

DJ Andy Skillz

DJ Skillz

DJ Andy Skillz is known for his versatility, able to blend genres to best of his audience. He is the official DJ for the Soul Disco, St Lawrence schools, Kololo gardens, Speke Hotel, and Centenary Bank. DJ Andy Skillz is a music promoter and through him, many artistes have performed in the Diaspora. He was signed by Sudhir and Indian firm through hosting European and Indian shows. DJ Andy Skillz net worth is estimated at $550,000.

DJ Aludah

DJ Aludah has been recognized by Chanel OTV as one of the leading DJs in Africa. He started from a humble background, Sax Hotel in Najjanankumbi. Now he rules from Amnesia and Radio City FM DJ Aludah is in the game of his own as he does this differently. DJ Aludah net worth is estimated at $470,000.

Mister Deejay

Mister Deejay

Mister Deejay is also known as the Scratch Live Application Deejay. Channel O TV named him amongst the top 10 On-Line African Radio Presenters. He works with Radio City and Plays at Route256. Mister Deejay net worth is estimated at $350,000.

DJ Roger And DJ Slick Stuart.

Dj Roja and Slick Stuart

DJ Roger and DJ Slick Stuart are the only group who have made it to the top five richest DJs in Uganda list. DJ Roger And DJ Slick Stuart net worth are estimated at $310,000. DJ Roger drives on the inspiration of the veteran DJ, DJ Rota. The duo is known for their live mix with all the genre of music. DJ Roger came into the limelight when was nominated among Best Teeniez Wickedest DJ category in Buzz Teeniez awards. They have been billed on many big shows in Uganda.

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