Nigerian actress Regina Daniels’ marriage to Hon. Ned Nwoko is in limbo as ex-boyfriend claims responsibility for Regina’s pregnancy, if there’s any.

John McCallum, a Canadian student, told the Canadian Press that he met Regina when he came to the Igbinedion University in Benin City for an exchange program.

John, 25, explains that Regina called off their relationship after she met billionaire Hon. Ned Nwoko and insisted aborting a pregnancy that he (John) is responsible for.

John says Regina tested positive and he has copies of the pregnancy results which both agreed on having a baby.

The ex-boyfriend of Regina said they kept their relationship off cameras but parents of each side were aware of them.

“I have no problem with you leaving me but that’s my child right there. You can’t just abort it”, John said.

Hon. Ned Nwoko, the rumoured billionaire dating Regina Daniels

John revealed that Regina is refusing to talk to him over the pregnancy which has left him with no option than to take legal action in court.

John McCallum

“I want to pray to a court to place injunction on their wedding for Regina to sign a bond to keep the pregnancy, whatever, they can even go ahead and marry once I’m having my child”, John added.

Regina and mum denied request to speak to our reporter on the issue.