Reed Jobs Biography; Net Worth, Siblings, Age, Height, Weight, Education, And Personal Life

Reed Jobs is the eldest son of Apple’s founder, Steve Jobs who is no longer alive.

Reed Jobs: Biography

He was born on September 22, 1991. He is the eldest and only son of Apple founder, Steve Jobs and Laurene Powell. Reed grew up in Palo, Alto, California.

On the list of the famous people who were born on September 22, 1991, Reed Jobs was ranked among the top.

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And he is among the members who are from the richest family in the United States.

Whilst his father, Steve Jobs was alive, Reed Paul Jobs was very close to him.

Reed Jobs: Siblings

Reed Jobs grew up alongside his siblings, Eve Jobs, Erin Jobs and, his half-sister, Lisa Brennan Jobs.

Reed Jobs: Age, Height, Weight And, Body Measurements

As of the year 2020, Reed Jobs is 29 years old since he was born on September 22, 1991. Unfortunately, certain details about Reed Jobs are unknown. There are no details concerning his Height, weight, and body measurements because he is a private person.

Reed Jobs: Education

The son of the founder of the popular tech company, ‘Apple’ went to one of the best Universities in the world, Sanford University.

During his stay at Stanford University, he decided to focus on research on the disease that killed his father, Steve Jobs. He researched Cancer.

Reed Jobs graduated with a degree in medicine.

Reed Jobs: Personal Life

Since the year 209, Reed Jobs has been single. He has a quiet private life. He has no appearance on any social media platform and so, it is difficult to point out his current relationship status.

However, it is obvious that Reed Jobs is focused on his education and there have been no rumors about whom he is dating.

According to Steve Jobs, in a book he wrote through Isaac before he died, he said that Reed was a very shy child who took his mom’s impression.

There is no doubt that, however, that very beautiful and intellectual women have the attention of Reed Jobs but he on the other side is very much focused on becoming a great person just like his father was.

Reed Jobs Net Worth

As a son of a billionaire, there is no doubt that Reed Jobs is filthy rich. He is involved in several works and as such, there is no much information concerning his net worth.

Reed is actually a billionaire but he lives a normal life just like his dad did when he was alive.

Reed Jobs’s mother, Lauren Powell inherited a lot of billions of dollars from Apple and Disney stocks after the death of her husband, Steve Jobs.

There is no doubt that Reed Jobs is living a luxurious life.

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