Even though we were all told to never quit chasing our dreams, popular American rapper, 2 Chainz has actually given up on his after one of his biggest goals in the Hip-Hop game which is to be able to rap alongside JAY-Z failed to come to fruition.

The Atlanta rapper is currently on top of the hip-hop trends after he recently released his highly anticipated 2020 album So Help Me God! which has been receiving many positive reviews ever since it came out.

2 Chainz had appeared on The Breakfast Club on Friday, November 13 where he spoke about the album as well as rap legend, Jay Z after Charlamagne Tha God brought the topic up.

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The rapper paid homage to the rap icon on his track “Southside Hov”  and went on to reveal that he spoke with Jay Z about the track before adding it to his recent album.

Speaking about trying to get a feature from Jay Z, 2 Chainz stated;

“Me and Hov cool so I sent him the video when I did it,”.

“Just to show him the angle that I wasn’t trying to be him, but that was the…since it was a Hov sample and the things that I was talking about in the song, it was some Hov stuff, so I named it ‘Southside Hov.’

But um, he was like, ‘I’m humbled by it.’ It was a cool back-and-forth we had, but I sent him the video as soon as I did it.”


Although the feature still didn’t happen, the Atlanta rapper made it known that he is not giving up on the dream out of anger or hatred for Jay Z.

“As far as trying to get him on something, I’ve given up on that part. I don’t like rejection. I got this little mental thing, people that I deal with don’t even know this, where I might ask somebody something three times over my whole life and secretly, after the third time, I won’t ever probably ask again.” He Explained


Watch the interview with 2 Chainz here:


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