Movie actor, Kwaku Manu, says in 2011 some movie producers ganged up to end his career just because he travelled abroad.

According to him, the producers said he will become pompous when he comes back from his trip so there was the need to blacklist him so that his shine dims.

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The actor and musician made this revelation when he spoke to Zionfelix uncut in an interview monitored by

Kwaku Manu said, “Zion, I travelled in 2011 and by then I was still in my prime but when I came back, FIPAG had decided that when I come back from abroad, I will be pompous so they should not feature me in movies. Just because I travelled and someone was jealous of me and it worked too.

“But for me I’m still relevant and that’s all I care about. When we started there was no social media but it came to meet us and we’re using it to our advantage and are still relevant which means God has been good to us. This is because not all movie stars have become like me. Not everyone was able to survive the tide so I give thanks to God,” he added.

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