Polyxeni Ferfeli Biography; Net Worth, Age, Drug, Ethnicity, Before And After

Polyxeni Ferfeli is a Greek-born model and socialite who formerly had a job with the Elgeka Group as one of their marketing personnel before chancing on an epic date with American Football star, Odell Beckham Jr.

Relationship with Odell Beckham

Polyxeni Ferfeli became a household name after her much-announced dating with Odell Beckham Jr., the American football star came out to the media. The pair had dated for less than a year, their relationship got the attention of the public. Rumours of their affair began to trend on social media in April 2017. This brought Polyxeni Ferfeli to the limelight because of the celebrity lifestyle of her then football star boyfriend, Odell Beckham.

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Because of the uniqueness of Polyxeni Ferfeli’s name her former boyfriend was once trolled for dating a drug.

Polyxeni Ferfeli Age And Ethnicity 

Polyxeni Ferfeli was born in Thessaloniki, Greece on March 28, 1994. Polyxeni’s mother, Mariana Ferfeli lives in Bucharest, Romania but comes from Greece. Polyxeni has a sibling called Kassi Ferfeli.


She began her professional life by working as a marketing person for Elgeka Group in the month of May 2010. Elgeka Group is a food making company. She only worked for four months for the company.

Polyxeni Ferfeli Net Worth

Polyxeni Ferfeli has made a respectable amount of cash from her impressive career. Polyxeni Ferfeli net worth is $1 million. Her yearly salary as a model stands at $46,000.

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