P-Square Net Worth And The Fight That Collapsed The Music Group

P-Square is the defunct music group which involves twin brothers Peter and Paul Okoye. They produced and released their albums through Square Records.


P-Square Net Worth

P-Square is currently the richest and most influential artist in Nigeria with an estimate net worth of $70millio according to Forbes while others claim they are worth $150million.They are considered to be the third richest in Africa as a continent. Their net worth is a computation of all assets belonging to the twins. It includes their collection of cars; jeeps, limousines, sports and business cars. They also have a private yacht for their marine exploration and a private jet for airlifting as they tour and perform around the world.

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Individually, they both own customized iPhones with gold and diamond sparkles, designer outfits, expensive jewelry and Peter Okoye’s shoes is also an expensive and worth investment.


Fight That Caused The Group’s Collapse

In 2016 the group a misunderstanding due to their brother their elder brother Jude Okoye mismanaging their record labels and they decided to go separate paths. This grievous misunderstanding caused the split of a group that has been created for 18 years. Peter Okoye and Paul are still into music and they use the stage name ‘Mr. P and Rude Boy’ respectively. After their split, they were able to reconcile and even released two new songs together. Unfortunately, the reconciliation was short-lived, as Peter reportedly sent a termination letter asking to part ways with his brother once more. Peter asked to part ways with his brother on grounds that his brother was being generally uncooperative about issues regarding the group, adding that his brother even went as far as to slander his wife and children on social media.

Some of the fans have been calling for the two twin brothers to come back together but for four years now they still remain separated.


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