Nigerians have considered President Buhari an impersonator attributing their idea to the fact that he died in 2017, after linking the End SARS occurrences to the condolences Queen Elizabeth sent out to Nigerians about his fake dead news in 2017.

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Recall that, in 2017, there was a conspiracy which had the news about President Buhari, being dead.

Queen Elizabeth after hearing that news, pinned down a condolence message to all Nigerians about their loss.

Some angry protesters, in fighting against police brutality and harassment have linked the dead news to the current situation due to his inability to correct and command his people for peace.

The message which surfaced online in 2017 reads:

The death of President Buhari came to us as a shock. He has been one of the active pillars in Africa. May the good people of Nigeria and Africa know that our hearts are with them in these hard times.

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