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By Adeniyi Adewoyin

Neo has opened up on how he became depressed following a breakup with his ex-girlfriend.

The Delta-born model said he wasn’t himself for months when his relationship crashed.

He said the only person he could talk to that period was his gateman who helps him get fuel.

“I was depressed when we broke up. I couldn’t talk to anyone. I couldn’t attend to my business or do anything.

“I was just indoors all through and I just dey smoke. The only person I was talking to was my gate man and that was because I send him fuel,” he told Ozo and Nengi.

“Until the day my mama called me l no even tell her anything. She just said hello my pikin make I tell you something woman no go fit kill you.

“She knows say if anything happen I go tell am and I’ve not told her anything. The only person wey fit tell am na my brother but my brother never know anything at that time.

“That same day I left for Abuja. I and my sister went to Asaba. I left town for like good three weeks. I was off my phone totally, nobody called me.

“My business everything shut down then I came back and I told myself that look I no go get anything to do with this girl again.”

Neo already started a relationship with Vee in the House.

Source: The Street Journal

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