It was all tears and emotions when 2020 BBNaija finalist, Rebecca Nengi Hamspon, shared intimate details of her growing up experience.

This was during an interview with The Punch.

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According to Nengi, her father was not present while she was growing up. Because of this, the responsibility of her upbringing fell to her mother. At this point in the interview, she broke down, obviously weighed down by the intensity of this truth.

She added that her mum struggled to raise her as a result of this. It was painful to watch her reveal that her mother died when life was getting easier for them.

The 22-year-old knows she will never forget her mother’s sacrifice. We know she will continue to make her proud.

She said amid tears,

“My dad was never really there. I can count the number of times I saw him. So I grew up with my mother and she was the only one I knew. She struggled to take care of me but the love between us is deep.

Even when we didn’t have anything, I was always happy. We would be in our house and manage our lives. However, she died when things were becoming good”

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