Nengi And Ozo Latest News; Engaged, Reunite, Relationship Status

Rebecca Nengi Hampton and Ozoemena Joseph Chukwu, both simply known as Nengi and Ozo, are both stars of the 5th season of Big Brother Naija reality TV show, and a possible ‘love birds.’

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They both gained popularity after they participated in the reality show.

Ozone‘, as they are called by their fans, were an everyday topic of discussion during the show due to the relationship they had. Ozo was head over heels in love with Nengi, but she was not up for a relationship inside the house.

Ozo x Nengi

Though Nengi claimed severally she had a boyfriend, it never stopped Ozo from still shooting his shot every day. That saw the two grow strongly attached in the house but, Nengi preferred they rather try any kind of relationship outside the house.

Two weeks to the end of the show, Ozo was evicted from the house and Nengi made it to the finals.

Nengi and Ozo saying goodbye when Ozo was evicted from the BB house

Nengi and Ozo after Big Brother

After the show ended, the ‘love birds’ were reunited now, outside the house and in the ‘real world.’

Nothing was heard about Nengi’s supposed boyfriend as she had claimed in an interview that, they had not spoken two weeks after she got back from the big brother house. Many assumed they broke up but others believed Nengi lied and that, she never had a boyfriend.

Nengi and Ozo posed at an event

Since the show ended and they reunited, Nengi and Ozo have been seen spending time together, attending events and parties, going shopping, and house haunting for Nengi, who trying to move to Lagos.

They are both currently signed as brand ambassadors for skincare company, ‘Jennysglow’, though Ozo was signed first before Nengi was also recently added.

Are Nengi and Ozo engaged?

Though fans will love to see Nengi and Ozo share invitations to their wedding, the two are unfortunately not engaged.

Nengi however, recently sparked engagement rumors after a picture of her, rocking what looks like an engagement ring on her finger. But she cleared the air about it saying she was not engaged but, added that, as soon as it happens, she will let her fans be the first to know.

However, Nengi and Ozo are always in each other’s comments on social media, throwing compliments and secret words at each other and always leaving fans more hyped about their ship.

Relationship status

Though Nengi and Ozo seem to be really close and have something going on, the two have however not spoken about the status of their relationship. If they have any romantic relationship going on right now, then they are tight-lipped about it.

We will say, both Nengi and Ozo are single for now, as far as we know.

Neng x Ozo

It will be recalled that whiles in the house, during a conversation with fellow housemate Laycon, Nengi shared that for her, when she loves, she loves deep therefore before she goes into a relationship with someone, she prefers to have a long friendship with him first. That was why she never accepted Ozo’s love proposal though she likes him a lot.

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