Most Expensive Cars In Kenya

An expensive car sets apart the owner of it from other normal cars on our roads. The most luxurious vehicles are owned by businessmen and political figures who have been able to amass a lot of wealth in their dealings to the point these expensive cars are just chicken change to them.

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Chris Kirubi cannot be missed when we talk about luxurious cars in Kenya because of his love for automobiles. Evans Kidero won’t also evade the radar either. Here are the most expensive cars in Kenya now. The list is not in any particular order.

  1. The Rolls Royce Phantom

There are several Rolls Royce Phantoms in Kenya but the owners like to keep their cool cars parked in their garage for special occasions only.

Raju Sanghani’s Rolls Royce Phantom is the easiest to spot in town because he is not keeping his expensive car as a ‘garage queen’. One must be prepared to spend a whopping Ksh. 45 million if they want to acquire one of these vehicles. This car comes in a convertible, coupe or sedan form depending on the taste of the buyer.

Image:, @credrik Black Source: UGC
  1. The Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse

This is one of the fastest sports cars in the world. It has been spotted on several occasions on the streets of Mombasa. The owner of this vehicle is currently unidentified. This car can reach mind-boggling speeds of 410 kilometres per hour and can reach high speeds of 0-100 kilometres an hour in 2.6 seconds. This car costs Ksh 233 million. This is the most expensive car in Kenya as we speak.

Image: Source: UGC

3. The Presidential Mercedes-Benz Pullman S600

The President, Uhuru Kenyatta currently gets driven in one of these highly luxurious cars anytime he is spotted in a motorcade with his security escort. This car is usually used by politicians. In order to acquire one of these costly cars, one must be prepared to spend Ksh 160 million. This money spent might be a lifesaver if one wants a solid bulletproof car.

Credit: Pinterest
  1. The Mercedes-Maybach S600
Credit: Pinterest

The current Chief Executive Officer of SportPesa, Ronald Karauri has one of these classy Mercedes vehicles. This car costs approximately Ksh 20 million. Chris Kirubi also has one of the Mercedes-Maybach S600.

  1. Lamborghini Murcielago
Credit: Pinterest

This might not be the most expensive car in Kenya but its exotic looks make it on the list of one of the most expensive vehicles in the country. You may have to spend Ksh 45 million in order to get one.

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