Most Expensive Cars In Ghana

One thing most young people fantasize about so much is cars. Some people would prefer to buy expensive cars than to buy or build houses because that’s what they fancy and make them happy.

Ghana doesn’t have the greatest economy in the world – however the West African country does like luxurious wheels.

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But you wouldn’t have imagined even in your dreams that this high level of luxury cars is found in this country. We have listed top 7 most expensive cars which moves on the streets of Ghana.

Lamborghini Veneno

This car expensive car has been spotted in Ghana. it gas a grand speed of about 349km/h and sells at not less than $4,000,000.

Bugatti Veyron


This monster of a car is assembled in Molsheim, Alsace in France and its rated as the fastest street legal car, its capable of covering 430km in just an hour. Its price tag is in the region of GHS 7,368,750.

Aston Martin One-77

Next on the list is Aston Martin One-77, this monster has an accelarating capacity of 354km/h. Its built be famous Bristish Car manufacturer, Aston Martin. Its in the range of $1,500,000.

Maybach 62 S


The Maybach 62 S is an exclusive luxury car spotted on the streets of Ghana. It boast a 6.0- L version of the V12 engine, and a 612-metric-horsepower (450kw) twin turbo V12 designed by Mercedes-Benz AMG. Its price tag is GHS 3,000,000.

Bentley GT

This is a favourite of very rich Ghanaian celebrities.its still ranked top in the list of luxury cars on the streets of Ghana. This luxury car is in the range of GH¢ 633,712.

Rolls-Royce Ghost

The epitome of elegance, the Phantom series has always been the flagship range for the Rolls-Royce series. It will cost you nothing less than GH¢ 864, 612 to procure this monster of a car.

Ferrari California

ferrari_californiaThe Ferrari California is huge touring sport car from Italian manufacturer, Ferrari. This luxury car cost not less than GHS 650,000

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