Moonchild has harshly hit hard at a twitter fan who had asked for nudes, which was actually not what she was thinking about. The unworried performer informed the follower where to get off after his brave demands.

As a response to the follower who had asked for her nudes, she told him to request them from his mother. Although some of the tweeps lauded her for the reply, others laughed at her blunder as the follower corrected her by stating that he was rather requesting for her EP titled Nudes.

Moonchild has always been regarded as a self-acclaimed nudist the moment she publicly declared that she hates clothes and will post her naked body whenever she wants to. After being called out for always dressing inappropriately,  Moonchild informed a few followers that she will post her bums till people stop being surprised.

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“Also …I’ll post my bum until u stop being shocked coz … it’s my comfort! I love no clothes so deal with it!”

This likewise originates from the fact that growing up she was laughed at for having a big butt and she has grown to embrace it. She could mostly be spotted starting twerk-trends for women on social media or encouraging them to accept their bodies the way they were made.

The performer has always been an advocate body positivity and she often shows off her booty either on social media or when she is performing, whiles remaining unapologetic about it.

She has however encountered backlash from most people but based on her confession, she has never had it easy growing up.

“When I grew up, having a big bum was a problem! Now all the ‘faults’ they told me and mocked me about are my most valued body parts of me,” she wrote.

Although it has always been a societal norm to disrespect women who show off too much skin or who wear no clothes at all, the Makhe hitmaker assured that she will be respected regardless of her nudity.

“This is my year of YOU WILL RESPECT ME Because this polite Bitch shit is taken advantage of and I remember @simphiwedana my big sis called me and said: ’teach them to respect u” I get it fully. So if unamas**ba…Andizi,” she warned.

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