Michel Gauquelin Biography; Astrology, Birth Chart, Natal Chart, Experiment

Michel Gauquelin born on November 13, 1928, in Paris France, was a world-renowned psychologist and writer. Michel Gauquelin was known for his attempt to put astrology on a scientific basis through his special studies of the correlation between personality and cosmic influences.

Michel was educated at the Sorbonne, University of Paris, and got his Ph.D. in 1954. In the same year 1954, Michel married Françoise Schneider, a science writer and psychologist, who collaborated with him on research and writing.

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Michel Gauquelin died at the age of 64 years on May 20, 1991, in his birthplace, Paris, France.

Michel Gauquelin Astrology

Michel Gauquelin was the world’s most formidable scientific researcher into astrology until his death in 1992.  Michel did most of the work with Francoise, his Swiss-born wife and co-worker until 1985. Michel Gauquelin’s 45 years of research in Astrology resulted in the publication of  30 data books, and about 150 scientific articles all in Astrology. Gauquelin’s negative results upset astrologers, who found them hard to explain, and his positive results upset skeptics, who found them equally hard to explain.

Michel Gauquelin Birth Chart, Natal Chart, Experiment

(Gauquelin’s Mars Effect Chart)

Michel Gauquelin dedicated much of his research to experiments into astrology’s claims and on Birth and Natal Charts with his wife, Francoise. Michel Gauquelin and Francoise. “test of opposed destinies” asked astrologers to study 40 birth charts and separate those of 20 criminals from 20 responsible citizens. Their results were in line with chance. In another experiment, Michel asked an astrologer to cast a horoscope for a birth date he claimed to be his own. The birth date supplied was actually that of Marcel Petiot, a French doctor who had robbed and killed 27 people as they sought shelter from the Nazis. Examining the birthdates of more than 2,000 prominent Frenchmen, Gauquelin found certain planets appeared prominently in the charts of specific professions.



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