Meredith Carriker Biography; Net Worth, Age, Clothing line, Engineer, Height And Weight

Meredith Carriker is an American blogger who writes about family, beauty, fashion and workout routines. She was born in 1986 in Arkansas but the actual date of birth is unknown.

Meredith began her high school education in Texas and proceeded to the Texas A&M University where she had a degree in civil engineering. After her graduation, she took up minimal jobs to support her husband go to Vet school.

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Meredith became a home mother to take care of her children. While at home, she became an unwriting star of her husband’s YouTube series, Off The Ranch and Demolition Ranch. This motivated her to start her YouTube Channel.

Meredith Carriker and husband (Matt Carriker)

In October 2019, she launched her online fashion shop, Shopthelinc and in 2020, she launched her line of athletic shirts.

Meredith Carriker Net Worth

Meredith Carriker shares the net worth of her husband. Their estimated net worth is $2 million.


Meredith was born in 1986. This shows that she is currently 33 years old.

Clothing Line

Meredith Carriker launched her clothing line of athletic shirts. She also launched her online fashion shop in October 2019.


Meredith Carriker is a Civil Engineer with a degree from Texas A&M University. She has not practised for a while because she chose to stay at home and take care of her husband Matt’s businesses.


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