A guest on Ghanaweb TV’s Moans and Cuddles show, William Diego Parker-Benin says most men are moved by what they see and as such physical attraction is very important.

William was making a contribution to the discussion ‘Turn Ons, in a relationship, how important is physical attraction’ on the 11th episode of the show.

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According to William, the force of attraction is very important to men, because it is what they see that makes it easier for them to make a move.

“For me the force of attraction is very important, it is what I see that I want to go for and of course it is a basic thing that men are moved by what they see….the physic should endear me to the person, if I don’t like, I won’t move…”, he said.

He advised women to be innovative and keep their sexiness even when they begin to have children, since keeping themselves sexy and attractive is a major turn on for most men.

The conversation on whether or not physical attraction was important in a relationship was up for discussion.

Moans and Cuddles is a GhanaWeb TV Relationship Talk Show that airs exclusively on their YouTube Channel.

Click the link below to watch the full episode:

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