Nollywood star Genevieve Nnaji has achieved so much in the industry. In her personal life as well, she is making significant progress.

She was able to successfully keep her daughter from the media spotlight for a long time. Perhaps, the fact that Theodora (Genevieve’s daughter) was raised by her grandmother instead of by Genevieve contributed to this.

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Theodora, popularly called Dora has since grown into a beautiful woman in her own right. One thing though, we cannot dismiss the obvious similarities between the two.

Dora presently runs her own business, NAJ Makeup Artistry. In 2016, she married her sweetheart and the couple has a son together.

Like with her daughter, Genevieve has managed to keep her grandson carefully guarded from media attention.

What she hasn’t hidden though, is the fact that the little boy is absolutely handsome.

Check out this photo of this amazing family.

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