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While the likes of Sarkodie, Medikal, and other relevant rappers are making huge money from their crafts, it’s obvious that some other Ghanaian rappers are solely doing it for the fun and of it and not the monetary aspect.

Yes- believe it or not these rappers we are talking about here are reportedly rich or come from a very wealthy background. For this reason, the monetary aspect of their career tends to be secondary as their sole objective in the industry is to have fun and drag their followers along the same tangent.

It’s true they have not been popular relatively or don’t have a lot of hit songs to their names but what else is to be done when you are here to serve a particular purpose which is a complete departure from tradition?

Let’s now dissect the subject into perspective.

Dee Money is a HipHop artiste who is best remembered for one of the biggest hit songs released in 2010 dubbed ‘Kpokpo Body’. That song. The rapper, real name Desmond Amoah released other hit songs like ‘Money Talks’ featuring Kwaw kesse, ‘Don’t Say’ featuring Shaydee, ‘Finish Line ft sarkodie & Jtown, Fuse ODG titled ‘Marilyn Monroe’. 

Dee Moneey has also performed on huge platforms across the globe such as the ‘Fabulous in Ghana’ concert, ‘Rick Ross in Ghana’ concert, ‘Miss Malaika Beauty Pageant ’12’, ‘Ghana Music Awards ’11’ and in 2012, he went on tour with Chocolate City artist Ice Prince in the UK performing at the IndigO2. Dee Money is a rich young man and doesn’t depend on music for survival.


He recently flaunted his Jaguar F-Type and Porsche Cayenne during his birthday to give his fans a rare glimpse of his wealth.

His Porsche Cayenne was seen customized with the number plate ‘Moko B3 2020.’

Criss Waddle is a good rapper but he doesn’t take music seriously. This sentiment was even echoed by Showboy in a viral post he published on Twitter.

According to the former Arab Money Gang (AMG) member, Criss Waddle has all the attributes of a superstar but his lackadaisical attitude relative to music has seen him being relegated him to the background.

Kwame Ametepee Tsikata, known professionally as M.anifest is one of the best rappers in Ghana and Africa. His works have been recognized beyond the shores of Ghana so it makes it hard for us to lump him in this bracket relative to our theme here. However everything points to the fact that music is not something he does for a living. After all, his father is Tsatsu Tsikata, a prominent Ghanaian politician and lawyer.

The 37 year old songwriter, who won Best Rapper and Hip-Hop song of the year at the 2017 Vodafone Ghana Music also lived almost his entire life in the United States of America before he came to Ghana to advance his music career.


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