Matthew Lyons Biography; Net Worth, Family, Marriage, Divorce, Children, Age, Height, And Weight

Lyon is an actor, special effects artist, and a writer. He is famous for being the husband to his sweetheart, Clara Hall, who is among the best in the world when it comes to cooking.

On July 8, in the late ’60s, Matthew Lyon was born. Every year Matthew celebrates his birthday but the year and place of his birth have been withheld by him.

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According to sources Matthew is in his mid-50s. His zodiac personality and sign is Cancer.

The New York-based writer was born on the 8 of July in the 1960s. He is a black American with mixed ethnicity. As a child, he was interested in drawing, arts, painting, and working with clay. As of 2020, it is believed that Matthew is in his 50’s. Much information about Matthew’s past life and biography has been withheld from the public and the media.

Matthew Lyons: Family

Much information about Matthew’s parents and siblings are not known to the media due to his secretive nature. However, in his previous marriage, which ended in a divorce, Matthew had a son called Noah.

Matthew Lyons: Marriage

He found love again when he met Clara Hall on an online dating site called As at that time Clara was still single and being pressured by her mother to get married because she was 40 years old.

By 2006, Matthew Lyons and Clara tied the knot without dating for even up to a year. The couple had two wedding ceremonies, one when they had a marriage certificate and the other which was with their family and friends.

The couple as at fourteen years of being married is without children and is perfectly in love and happy.

Matthew Lyons
Credit: Yankee Doodle Paddy

Matthew Lyons: Divorce

Matthew Lyons had a previous marriage which ended in a divorce. During that marriage, he had a son called Noah. Details and information about his ex-wife and the reason for their separation are not known to the media.

Matthew Lyons: Children

Matthew only has only had one living child, Noah from his previous marriage. In his current marriage with Clara, they have no kids. 

Matthew Lyons: Career

Matthew graduated from George Washington University where he studied law. After school, he worked for the Food and Drugs Administration in the US for 26 years. In 2018, Matthew decided to be a yoga instructor after quitting his job at the FDA.

Matthew Lyons: Age, Height & Weight.

Matthew is in his mid-50s. He is 6 feet tall and has a weight of 87 kg.

Matthew Lyons Net worth

Matthew has an estimated net worth of $850 thousand. Much of his wealth is attributed to his previous job at the FDA and as a tutor of yoga.

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