Mr. Emmanuel Abasirim a native of Eziama Ogberuru In Orlu LGA of IMO state, has been banished from his hometown after he confessed to his evil doings in the community.

Emmanuel was caught as one of the evil men that has been terrorizing the entire villagers and as such, he has been banished for 7 years.

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”The evil that men do is too much, everybody in Eziama village in Ogberuru, Orlu LGA has been aware of this for years but the problem was, who will say it out, everyone in the village knew some of the evil men in their villages but the problem is who will point at them?” a witness said.

Everyone is always afraid to speak out But thank God that today is made out to expose this man in his own village before taking him round the express road in his community.

He has engaged in several evil crimes like killing people with poison, doing many people ‘Achaere’ in their legs, sleeping with widows in Eziama Ogberuru Orlu & so many other evil things.

The truth is that some of this people he did all these to have joined their ancestors unexpectedly.

As the time of filing this report, he confessed some of the things he did to his own people in in the village and he said that most of his victims has joined their ancestors unexpectedly long ago.

All the sons and daughters, ‘ndi nne na ndi Nna, ndi Chiefs, ndi Nze n’ozo in Eziama Ogberuru has joined hands together & send him out of Ogberuru community never to return back after 7 good years.

The youths of Eziama Ogberuru escorted him with some instruments and singing “Emmanuel, Omensi, Omensi Emmanuel,” as they took him to afor Obibi-Ochasi in Orlu,before escorting him from the main road to Ogberuru to Okwuabala ihioma Orlu and ordered him never to return back until after 7 years,

May God save and give him the spirit to repent and not to die as a sinner in Jesus name Amen.

His family is free to live in their village being Eziama Ogberuru, but Mr Emmanuel has been sent out of Eziama Ogberuru alone.

Source: The Street Journal

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