After a group of brave hoodlums stormed the palace of Oba of Lagos vandalizing his properties and stealing his staff of office, the Lagos State traditional ruling has given the thugs a 24-hour ultimatum to return the staff of office.

According to the State traditional ruling house, anyone in possession of the said staff should do well to return it or face the wrath of a spell being cast on him or her.

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On Friday, October 23, Chairman of the Isale Eko Descendants Union, Prince Yomi Tokosi informed Arise TV on that the palace hasn’t received the staff of office yet adding that it is a sacrilegious act and a taboo to take away the staff.

He continued by cautioning that if their hand is forced, they might go the traditional way by casting a spell which will bring them back the staff.

He stated;

”It is sacrilegious. Nobody goes into the Oba’s palace to remove the staff of office. It is taboo. It is even an abomination. I can assure you it will be returned.

If we go by the tradition and the culture, they have a way to put a spell…well let me just assure you that it will be returned within the 24 hours except the person wants a spell on him”


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