I use 10-12 pads for each menstrual cycle.

They’ve been months where I used 14 pads

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The rationale behind the question is that a pack of Always ® (I’ll use Always ® for my analysis because it’s the brand I use and are mostly familiar with the pricing and also it’s the most popular brand in Nigeria) contains 7 pads for extra long pads and 8 pads for medium sized pads, which is clearly not enough for my cycle.

Pricing for Always ® ranges from 300-500 per a pack of 7 or 8. Because of the number of pads I’ll be using, my safest bet is 2 packs of 7(extra long).

Depending on the quality and/or fragrance, I’ll be needing 600-1,000 Naira every month. To me that’s a lot.

How many households can afford that for their teenage daughters and mothers?

When I first started using pads I thought a pad was for one whole day(which didn’t make sense to me then) but I continued to try and use one pad a day. I use the pad during the day especially if it’s a school day and use rags at night… I don’t even want to go into details as to my experience doing this because I still have scars in my vagina area as a result.

So most homes use rags, Which is unhygienic and unhealthy. The price of pads is high, even in all other brands still. A pack of pad should contain nothing less than 18 pads(night time and day time).

Condoms are cheaper than pads and are even given for free, that’s a gross imbalance. I can’t decide to not have periods anymore but sex is a choice.

How can one go about even making this heard in the appropriate quarters?

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