A video of Rosie of Ultimate Love tearing up as she reveals what happened between her and her ex-lover Kachi has sparked mixed reactions on social media.

Kachi and Rosie

In the video sighted on Instagram, Rosie in tears explained that Kachi hit her hand three times, which caused her severe pain.

Adding to her revelation was that, people rushed to her and asked her to open the door but she could not open it due to pain.

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Rosie explained that she was taken downstairs after she finally opened the door and his brother rushed to call her father.

According to her, her father attributed what happened to a spiritual attack but she did not say anything to him.

Rosie and Kachi

Kachi’s formal girlfriend divulged that the day the incident happened was when Kachi did a video on Twitter with one jerry, whilst she was in severe pain.

She said her father contacted Kachi to find out if everything was okay and he lied that all is well whilst she was suffering.

Recall that, Kachi in an interview disclosed that Rosie aborted their child, the reason he broke up with her.

He teared up amid the interview and expressed how he was happy to hear Rosie was pregnant.

The reasons given by both parties are contradicting as Rosie’s reasons for going her separate way, seems different from that of Kachi.

We are following closely to see how this would end and we would update you if anything drops.

Watch the video below:

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