Is Rosanna Pansino Dating Matpat?

YouTube star, actress, and cookbook author, Rosanna Pansino and internet personality and fellow Youtuber, Mathew Patrick, known by his internet name Matpat, have always been tagged as a ‘cute couple’.

Fans started getting the feeling that, something might be going on between the two after Matpat showed up on Rosanna’s Youtube show, “Nerdy Nummies” and also when then they both got featured in the YouTube Premium series, “Escape the night“.

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Rosanna and Matpat on Nerdy Nummies. Photo: Pinterest

Rosanna joined the series in season 3 as ‘The Jetsetter‘ and also got hosted for season 4, the same season Matpat joined, making a brief appearance and also in season 6.

Fans loved the vibe between the two, believing they would be a couple.

Are Rosanna and Matpat dating?

Rosanna and Matpat are not a couple. The two are just very good friends. Some people even believe they could pass off as siblings.

Rosanna even shared on Twitter onetime that, when she first met Mat, ” he Instantly felt like family.”

Mat and Rosanna on Nerdy Nummies. Photo: Mat’s Instagram

Rosanna and Mat are both in a relationship. Mat is currently married and has a two-year-old son, and Rosanna also has a boyfriend.

Who is Rosanna Pansino dating 2020?

Rosanna is currently in a relationship with her long-time boyfriend, Mike Lamond, better known as Husky who helped her set up her YouTube.

The two are said to have been together since 2013 — though Rosanna announced their relationship in 2018.

Rosanna and boyfriend, Mike. Photo: Rosanna’s Instagram

Mike currently works with Rosanna on her YouTube show.

The couple has not announced any engagement or marriage plans but fans are hopeful that is in their plans.


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