Is Nengi half cast? Fans are asking.

With the amazingly toned light skin-complexion that 2020 Big Brother Naija housemate Nengi has, it is absolutely not misleading for anyone to think and assume the beautiful lady is the outcome of the union of a mixed-race couple or half-caste as Nigerians would term it. But is she a half-caste? Before the answer, a quick check on who Nengi is.

Nengi is a 22 years old lady from the Bayelsa State in Nigeria. She attended the University of Port Harcourt where she studied and graduated with a degree in Communications studies. According to the beautiful model, she is single.

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Talking about her race, Nengi has reiterated the fact; she is fully a Nigerian and a native of the Bayelsa State in Nigeria.

So Nengi is not half cast.

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